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Flooring & Containment

Floor Coatings

Concrete floors in industrial and commercial facilities accumulate daily wear-and-tear. These areas will dust, crack, chip, and stain over time. As professional floor coating contractors, we specialize in preparing and coating floors, non-skid surfaces, and safety striping in industrial and commercials facilities. The most important step of any floor coating project is the surface preparation. Even the best coating will not last if the concrete is not properly cleaned and mechanically abraded to ensure maximum adhesion. A floor coating system can help insure a safe work environment, improve the appearance and cleanliness of your facility, and decrease damage to your mobile equipment. 

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Secondary Containment Area Coating

Many products stored in tanks require a secondary containment to prevent the accidental release of the product into the environment. Protecting the secondary containment’s concrete surface with the appropriate coating is essential to preventing environmental issues as well as protecting your asset. As with any coating system, surface preparation is essential to a successful application. We have found that abrasive blasting or ultra-high pressure water jetting are the most effective ways to achieve the proper surface profile. Contracting & Materials, Inc. has over a decade of experience servicing power plants, pulp and paper plants, water treatment facilities, chemical plants, oil refineries, and many other industries. We only use the highest quality epoxy, vinyl ester, and Polyurea coatings with the chemical resistance properties needed for your application. 

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