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Leak Stop & Composite Wraps

With a full line of polymeric solutions and more than 60 years of combined application know-how, we are able to provide leak-stop repairs and composite wraps for a quick return to service. Our experienced Technical Consultants, Corrosion Engineers, and Validated Installers will select the best materials, produce a written application method statement, and complete the needed repair without any unnecessary downtime. Hundreds of repairs have been carried out on damaged pipes and vessels of different materials, which were carrying crude oil, heavy oil, kerosene, nitrogen, butyl acetate, produced water, and sulfuric acid.

Emergency and Temporary Repairs

When a quick solution is required with limitations on welding, surface preparation, and access, our expertise and unique utilization of advanced polymer materials will ensure the highest performance is attained with a rapid return to service.

Reinforced Repairs

Cold plate-bonding, molded and injected reinforcements, and composite wrap systems that incorporate aramid fabrics, glass fabrics, and conventional polyester fabrics allow us the versatility of a quick and trusted repair that will bring back the mechanical integrity that may have been lost in pipework, vessels, tanks, etc.

Engineered Repairs

Designed and installed by certified and validated personnel, these repairs are unique and specific for each defect, with minimum thickness, number of reinforcement wraps, and extent of repair. Each design is reviewed and calculated based on the ASME and ISO standards for composite repairs, with a minimum lifetime of two years, and rated for a qualified upper limit.

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US DOT Title 49, Chapter 1, Part 192

ASME PCC-2 Article 4.1

ISO/TS 24817

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